About Me

I am someone who is passionate about social justice, equality and assisting people and organisations to be the best that they possibly can be. I am an advocate, an activist and a person with a very large heart. Recently someone described me as a ‘crusader of truth’ which seemed quite apt! I am fortunate enough to have gained an education which has provided me with skills which are sometimes useful to make our society a little bit warmer for everyone.

My professional background started in 2000 focusing on suicide prevention predominately with young people who were perceived at risk of self harm and suicide. I was involved in a combination of project work and counselling with a strong focus on community development and capacity building.

I then moved into a focus on sexual health as a sexual health educator with people working in the sex industry whilst also offering counseling to same sex attracted and gender diverse young people and their families. In 2005 I worked with UNHCR in Thailand managing a HIV behaviour change program in the refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border. This experience led me to my passion in working with people from refugee backgrounds. Since this time I have been working with people and communities who have had experiences of torture and trauma, including those currently in detention or living in the broader community. I have been fortunate to also coordinate a National Program which offered support to people who had been trafficked into Australia, predominately into the sex industry. I am also fortunate enough to be a Psycho-social delegate for the Australian Red Cross, which means I can be deployed to natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Christchurch,  to provide psycho-social support services.

When I am not busy trying to make the world a kinder place I can be found enjoying a nice cup of tea with my nose in a book, taking photographs, or trying to keep my pot plants alive – an ongoing battle.

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions at all.