I work with a variety of individuals, teams and organisations from non government, government and corporate sectors. My consultation services can be catered to your specific needs and I am happy to design training or programs aimed at reaching the objectives you want to achieve.

Areas of organisational consultation include:

>> Working with culturally diverse communities

>> Community engagement

>> Preventing burnout in staff and volunteers

>> Literature reviews to support research areas and/or funding applications

>> Report writing and funding submissions

>> Program design, management and implementation

>> Advocacy

I am also available for clinical secondary assessments of children, young people and adults. I have a specific clinical experience in trauma and attachment, particularly in young people. Additionally I have been fortunate to work with people from refugee backgrounds and those seeking asylum. I am very keen to support any organisations which are ran by (or supporting in an empowering manner) people seeking asylum or people from refugee backgrounds.

My experience in project management predominately relates to the mental health of a variety of groups of people. These groups include asylum seekers and people from refugee backgrounds, sex workers, GLBTI, young people and those involved in natural disasters. I also have experience in engaging communities to design sexual health education programs that are appropriate for the target audience.

Having managed mental health services in detention centres in Australia, I am particularly interested in any programs, research or client work regarding asylum seekers and people from refugee backgrounds. I am also interested in supporting organisations to design programs that meet the needs of people seeking asylum, rather than solely meeting the funding obligations of government bodies which often mandate oppressive service delivery to support political agendas. Government bodies should not be influencing how we, as human service organisations, deliver programs. I am able to guide organisations through the complexity of balancing the obligations of meeting funding requirements, with  meeting the needs of the people their organisation was designed to support.

Pricing associated with consultation varies, please feel free to contact and discuss your needs.