It is actually more difficult than one would think to write a section on counselling services! I am trying my hardest to sound warm, approachable and skilled without sounding insincere. Its tough!

A lot of the counselling I offer is connected to how we as individuals experience and view the world in which we live. Sometimes, forms of distress are related to external issues which we have limited control over. What we can control though is our responses to those issues. Experiences of discrimination (including sexism, homophobia and racism) are systemic and often have nothing to do with the person experiencing them, more to do with societal norms which need to be challenged. Power inequality is something that we face every day, and is often a theme which becomes apparent in counselling. One of the things I truly value is supporting people who may be feeling powerless to gain their power back. This is what makes everything worthwhile for me.

I work with people to recognise and  foster their own strengths and abilities to improve their circumstances. I listen to peoples personal experiences and views of the world and then assist them in developing an awareness how these experiences and views impact and shape their current lives. Whilst I enjoy watching the positive process people experience from individual counselling  I also try my hardest, every day of my life, to challenge those things in our society which negatively impact others.

It goes without saying, however – all counselling goes at your pace and is confidential. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

Counselling is available  with a particular focus on:

>> Communication
>> Self esteem
>> Anxiety
>> Stress
>> Depression
>> Grief
>> Trauma
>> Relationships
>> Sexuality
>> Gender Diversity
>> Intergenerational conflict
>> Burnout

Pricing – Please contact

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